Playground | Køge Museum
Historieoplevelser for hele familien


At Køge Museum we believe history is something that should be experienced. So we have built a playground, where children and the young at heart can play at being on board the ship of the line, Dannebroge, at the very moment it blew up.

The playground is a climbing challenge, where you can jump or climb from one piece of wreckage to another, past the huge explosion and out to the stern, from which the large golden lion figurehead was broken off.

We have laid a soft layer of rubber asphalt around the playground, so you will not get hurt if you hurl yourself off the exploding ship.

The Dannebroge playground is located in Køge Museum’s delightful garden, where birds sing in the tall trees, and where mum, dad, grandma and granddad can shelter and enjoy a cup of coffee – if they are not in a hurry to crawl round in the ship.

If it is not raining, you are also welcome to take your iPad guide out into the garden and read up on some extra material, while getting a breath of fresh air.