Kids Museum | Køge Museum
Historieoplevelser for hele familien

Kids Museum

It should be interesting to visit a museum, whether you are 7 or 97. This is the mantra for our work at Køge Museum.

So there are NO:
- Custodians to hush you up
- Endless signs with dates and facts
- Loads of identical objects
- Loads of rooms that all look the same

But we guarantee you:
- Space for exploration and play
- Stories and videos on your iPad guide adapted to your age and interests
- A handful of carefully selected objects, which tell stories instead of listing facts
- Interesting and very different rooms
- A one-off experience

If you fancy taking a coffee or hot chocolate with you as you walk round the exhibition, feel free to do so. Our objects are behind bulletproof glass, so a couple of sticky fingers should present no problem.

Because each of you has his/her own iPad, you do not have to wait for each other. In fact, you can explore by yourselves and show each other the exciting things you have discovered. This is perfect for a family, if everyone wants to take things in at their own pace.