Gunpowder Brothers | Køge Museum
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Gunpowder Brothers

In 1710 the Swedish navy suddenly appeared on the horizon outside Køge harbour. The Danish navy was in a dismal condition after encountering rough weather on the way back to Køge. Only one ship was seaworthy and was summoned to confront the Swedish navy alone. This was the ship of the line, the Dannebroge.

In the exhibition, you will learn about the ship’s commander Iver Huitfeldt and about the two gunpowder brothers, Pelle and Jens. We follow the fateful day from the moment the Swedes appeared on the horizon to the moment when the Dannebroge’s 15 tons of gunpowder exploded. More than 500 men perished. There were only 9 survivors.

Were Iver, Pelle and Jens some of them?

Gunpowder Brothers - Bravery Knows No Age Limits is not only about the Dannebroge and the historic event of 1710. It is also about the people involved – how each of them, in his own way, was a hero, despite all the men’s different backgrounds.  The exhibition follows the course of the day and the fate of the ship, and the museum’s iPad guide has both a fact track and a drama track.

The fact track tells the stories of the mutilated objects we have salvaged from the wreck over the years and describes their significance in their time.

The drama track has been developed in collaboration with copywriters, employing historic facts and imagination to tell this story of heroism and brotherhood.

The exhibition is housed in the museum’s main building. The building dates from 1619, so has itself witnessed the gruesome history, which the exhibition presents.

Included in the price of the ticket is the loan of one of the museum’s iPad guides, whose stories, images and videos make for a relevant and interactive experience of history. We have installed climbing boxes in the exhibition to make it easy for children to see the exhibits, while the benches throughout the exhibition enable you to take your time to explore the content of the iPad guide and enjoy an occasional cup of coffee.